10 Extra Career New Year 2021 Earn money during the long holiday.

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Each New Year season, there will be 4-5 days of holidays, which is a time to make money for many people. What professions are there to follow?

Extra Career

10 interesting New Year’s career 2021

1. Food Delivery staff

Food Delivery is an interesting career in 2021 with services growing from lockdowns. And most of the customers want convenience, so they press the app to order more food In addition, various restaurants Who did not participate in the promotion with the app, would like to hire a food delivery man specially for their own stores Check out the recruiting announcements at various popular stores or download the Food Delivery app to apply to be a driver waiting to receive orders.

2. Messenger

Daily document and parcel delivery staff It is a career in 2021 that makes good money during the new year. Because customers want to send gifts to important people during the New Year 2021 such as New Year baskets. To reach the recipient quickly in 1 day. How to apply as a messenger. Is to open applications such as GRAB, LINEMAN, LALAMOVE, etc.

3. Gift Wrapping Workers

Various stores Want to receive gift wrap staff To pack gift boxes for customers during the New Year season If you think you’re good at wrapping gifts, don’t miss out

4. Hire to drive the car home

n some situations, the car owner cannot drive home by himself. Therefore, it is necessary to find a trusted person to help drive the whole car and take home safely. This profession is becoming popular in many cities. The driver receives a minimum income of 350 baht per trip, with a service that takes you to the meeting point near the customer car. After that, it takes the customer to the area where the delivery point was placed. Currently, it can be used with Grab app called Drive Your Car service.

5. Accepting the Acquisition Act

Due to the COVID-19 situation The epidemic has not stopped Government agencies Therefore limit the number of users Some customers do not want to waste time waiting. Therefore, we have to hire an agent to go to the Act instead at the end of the year, many cars, the Act is about to expire, so we have to hurry to use the car during the new year. Receiving your car registration book to continue with the Royal Thai Police Act, the price is 200-400 baht per copy.

6. Workplace for moving house

New Year season Many people move their offices, dormitories, and study places, so they have to move a lot of things to move their homes. Hiring services for moving products are in high demand. But finding customers does not have to be attached to the telephone number on the electric pole alone. If you have a car And have friends who are ready to work to help carry goods Then contact the open apps Or post leave the number in various board groups Ready for the upcoming 2021 New Year jobs

7. Take care of the house

Homeowners who travel to other provinces, but are worried about their homes being lost. Fear of stealing up the house I often hire relatives. Or a trusted neighborhood person to help guard the house during the New Year Including address for receiving parcels And take care of safety Agreed income

8. Take care of pets. Leave dogs and cats.

Pet owners who bring children If you can’t go to business, you won’t have to worry about it with a pet service. Or leave it to feed Stay overnight so you don’t have to worry about your lonely children.

9. Gardening and cutting the grass.

Homeowners who want to renovate their own garden for the New Year. Usually hired gardeners to help mow, plant trees, move pots, get gardening, mowing is a job in the New Year, so it is in high demand. Receive wages on a daily basis Or job listing as agreed

10. Open the end of sales Or get things to sell

At the end of the year, many people want to throw things in the cupboard. But do not know where to sell Posted for sale on their own social media channels or to join in with the open-end market But if you are going to pick up things for sale, then you have to look at the location and popularity in the area. In order to not have to stock a lot of things that exceed the cost

 ufabet  Online hopes that 10 interesting occupations in 2021 will benefit those who want to earn extra income during this period. Prepare early In order to generate profit Get the money back soon in the new year.