3 eye diseases you should be careful of during Songkran

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During the big festivals, long holidays like the Songkran Festival In addition to monitoring accidents and travel safety, health risks from playing in the water are also another thing to be careful if water gets into your eyes. can cause various diseases because the water that came to splash on each other If it is not clean, there will be contamination of germs such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, as well as various impurities. May cause eye disorders such as conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers and eye stye.

during the Songkran festival That must be splashed together that Should be more careful in the matter of playing in the UFABET water. because we can not know that the water used to play Where did you bring it from? There may be germs or dirt contaminated in the water that can cause eye infections. Whether it is conjunctiva, cornea, with 3 eye diseases that are common during Songkran, namely

3 eye diseases you should be careful of during Songkran

1.  Red eyes (conjunctivitis)

The cause of red eyes is caused by a virus. or bacteria But the most common is from a virus. causing inflammation of the conjunctiva Symptoms found are red and swollen white eyes It can be either unilateral or bilateral. Therefore, wash your hands thoroughly before washing your eyes. Then try to observe the symptoms for 1-2 days. If it doesn’t improve, you should see a doctor immediately.  

2.  Corneal ulcer

The cornea is the frontmost part of the eyeball. Sensitive to touch and pain Corneal ulcers are caused by fungi and bacteria. But here we will focus mainly on bacteria. Because it is an infection after an eye accident that causes a wound to the cornea, such as dust, chemicals, contaminants that enter the eye, including rubbing the eye vigorously Important for people who wear contact lenses. If not kept clean, corneal ulcers may occur. The symptoms found include red eyes, eye pain, eye irritation, blurred vision, watery eyes, poor eyesight, and a cloudy appearance in the cornea. If it is, if the wound is small and superficial, it may heal within a week, but if the wound is very deep, it may reduce vision. You should see a doctor immediately. Therefore, be careful of dust or chemicals that contaminate the water into your eyes.

3.  eye stye

An eye stye is caused by a bacterial infection or a blockage of the eyelid glands and an infection occurs. Often caused by rubbing the eyes frequently. make the eyelids unclean Including inserting or removing contact lenses with unclean hands. Symptoms found are A swollen, red, or purulent blister on the upper or lower eyelid, swollen, red, and pus may flow out. has green eye discharge If abnormalities occur, you should see a doctor immediately to see if it is necessary to pierce the stye or not. More importantly, you should be careful not to touch your eyelids with your hands.

On this Songkran day, if you have to play in the water or have a chance to hit the water. Eye care should be done in the following ways. to help keep away from eye disease

  1. If using a water gun to play Should not be injected directly into the eye area. You should find glasses to wear for protection.
  2. If you have eye problems, you should wear glasses instead of wearing contact lenses when swimming.
  3. If you find unclean water or a foreign object gets into your eyes, rinse your eyes with clean water immediately.
  4. Wash your hands every time you touch your eyes.
  5. After playing in the water, you should observe the eyes to see if there is an abnormality or not. If so, seek immediate medical attention.