5 things to know for foreigners Who have to go to work in Japan

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Working in each country is certainly different from working in your home country. Especially the work culture in Japan!

Of course, at first it might be filled with excitement. But even so, do not forget to deal with adaptation, culture shock, and the culture of each organization as well. As with these five tips, it’s important to understand how to work in Japan. Let’s get ready now 🙂

work in japan

1 Don’t question your boss directly.

Remember that you are 後輩 (kōhai) and the boss, the commander. Or who has power over you is ufabet 先輩 (sempai), which in Japan’s successor working culture. You must not be accused of their judgment.

Although as a foreigner, you might think that “This is stupid, he / she is wrong about X, Y and Z!” Because the way to deal with this is to accept what sempai says until you become sempai yourself. (Which is very difficult because you are a foreigner)

2 don’t make excuses

It doesn’t matter if what you say is right or wrong, because they don’t care. What you should do is apologize in a polite way by saying 申 し 訳 ご ざ い ま せ ん (mōshiwakegozaimasen).

If you take this seriously And although he does not admit the guilt But it will greatly improve the situation. Finally, don’t forget to promise that it won’t happen again.

3 ‘working overtime’ is cruel but essential

As a foreigner You will not be asked to work overtime like most Japanese people do. Working overtime gives you good credit for the company rather than a bad reputation. With rejection

It doesn’t matter if it’s illegal or not. But when working in Japan You should be ready to help your company. Because it will benefit you more than you think.

4 embrace criticism Don’t block yourself

When you get criticism for good or bad from Japanese people. You should say ‘thank you’ because working in Japan requires you to be convinced that you may receive more criticism than praise. But that will make you see more of your own disadvantages. In order to improve and develop to become a better person

5 Learn Japanese

If you need to live in Japan more and want to survive. You have to learn Japanese and speak basic Japanese in daily life.

Especially at present there are online courses. And various courses Teach a lot of languages Considered a good opportunity To practice language in the workplace that is useful and can be further developed in the future

These five tips are told by foreigners who have working experience in Japan. However, each organization and culture may differ.

But being mentally prepared to prepare for adaptation And always improving yourself is important regardless of the country you have to work in. We wish you the best of luck in the new paths and opportunities in life 🙂