5 tips for using Twitter safely

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There is a diverse community on Twitter where people can meet like-minded people to chat and share their passions, from oil-free fryer recipes to art. in the community But the important thing is that everyone should feel safe when participating in the conversation. On this June 17th Stop Cyberbullying Day, I would like to introduce a tool that everyone can choose from. Used to have a better user experience on ufabet Twitter.

Tips on how to use Twitter safely

1. Managing private messages, DMs and replies

Sometimes you just might want to get in on a topic where you share the same passion as a certain group of people you know on Twitter. You can choose who can reply under your tweets. when you are about to tweet You can choose who can reply to that tweet.

You will see automatic settings. ‘Anyone can reply’ beside the globe icon. You can click or tap to set it here before tweeting. So you can choose who can reply to you, e.g. everyone, people you follow. or only the people you mention

2. Privacy and security

To reduce the risk of receiving unwanted messages receiving spam messages or being drawn into the people you don’t know the least. You can choose whether you want to receive private messages only from people you know.

You can go into settings. then click on ‘Privacy and Security’ and select Private Message. Then go to close at ‘Allow anyone to send you text requests’

3. Blocking and reporting

If you’re feeling threatened by certain accounts on Twitter. You can learn more about blocking people you don’t want to see on Twitter or blocking certain activities on Twitter.

If you go into the account blocking settings that you feel are threatening you. Those accounts will not be able to contact, follow or see your tweets. and if those accounts have a menu Retweet a message or add you to any list You will not be notified of any activity. that those accounts participated on Twitter again This function will help you not to be disturbed by those accounts anymore.

Twitter is committed to creating an environment where people can feel safe in expressing themselves. by reporting inappropriate behavior If an inappropriate tweet occurs Can report to Twitter immediately. for the Twitter team to continue reviewing the tweet or account.

4. Hiding

If there are words or phrases that make you feel bad. You can set hide words, hide hashtags, hide accounts and hide emojis. not showing on your timeline

which is set in this way It helps you avoid seeing content that you don’t want to see anymore.

5. Safety is the most important thing.

Twitter wants everyone to have a good user experience on Twitter. And it’s important that Twitter is committed to improving regulations, procedures, technologies and tools. come continuously

so that everyone can participate in public conversations freely and safely. See more details at safety.twitter.com