5 ways to scan true love or flirt When meeting a guy who likes online

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Online chatting can be another way you can find true love. But a coin has 2 sides of conversation with a stranger. Whether you meet in person or through online media All of them have to be careful, always conscious and should repeat their thoughts and actions. Before deciding to become a boyfriend easily Because, well, not  ufabet good, you may become a gig or a mistress of a flirtatious man. Unaware!

Flirtatious men

1. Always check the profile.

Before you start talking to anyone Or someone who comes to talk to us, such as how regularly updated personal profile How many friends do you have How many private photos are there? And have you activated this account for a long time yet? Including have a friend that we know enough to check the information? In order to verify that the person we are about to start talking to really exists.

2. Start slowly And not in a hurry

Even if the other person tries to see us very much But I want you to start slowly Because of the fact that we are studying someone, it takes time to know the minds of the other. Because this information will help confirm the identity of the other party how sincere they are.

3. Beauty etiquette, Take Care Diver

A flirtatious man will be a man of good manners. Excellent take care, Praset Sri until over, if our water is depleted from the glass He will be the first one to notice it and fill it up immediately. Always asks what we want, what we want to eat Poke the heart of a woman who is ready to be a gig to be fascinated by a head-on Because they tend to know the angle of speaking When you start to trust him How will he find it easier to take advantage of you?

4. Often acting as “single”

Flirting men tend to show that status is single. Both in real life And the online world What are you going to do? If not, she will keep staring at the victim, when asked, “Good face, great work, great job, don’t you have a girlfriend?” So I’m single to Pannie. ”Fuss will always refer to work in order to distract.

5. Quit work late every day. The holidays are not always free.

Men might say that they have to go to a party with customers, take their mother to make merit, go to the provinces with their father Take your sister to apply for a special school, bla-bla, recruiting 108 excuses, but will be free to see you on weekdays, can go well. If he has any excuse It can be assumed that it is not trustworthy. According to the real family, I have to take care of my real girlfriend, accidentally need to help my wife raise children .

Try it. For the person next door. Or someone who is following you flirting behaves like this Will be able to fade out in a timely manner