6 foods that are high in vitamin K It’s better for your blood and bones than you think.

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Vitamin K is one of the nutrients that are essential for the body. Helps to build strong bones Prevents bones from breaking easily. Aids in blood clotting and clotting processes. It is an important mechanism that helps to stop the bleeding well. It helps the blood to stop flowing quickly, so young people who have problems with bone or bleeding is difficult to stop. Here are 6 foods that are rich in vitamin K, which are as follows:

1. Natto

Natto or what we are familiar with is Japanese soybeans. 100 grams of natto is rich in vitamin K about 1,103 milligrams. Which is considered as high as green leafy vegetables. For anyone who wants to build strength to the bone. It is recommended to eat natto to increase vitamin K for the body.

2. Vegetable kale .

Any young woman who wants to add vitamin K to the body with kale. It is recommended to cook them before eating. 100 g of cooked kale provides approximately 817 mg of vitamin K. Kale is also rich in other vitamins such as potassium, folate and calcium.


Spinach is a vegetable rich in vitamin K that is recommended to be eaten cooked. Because it will provide a higher amount of vitamin K than eating fresh spinach. 100 grams of fresh spinach gives the body about 483 milligrams of vitamin K. In addition, eating spinach also provides other nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, folate, iron or magnesium. Either way

4. Green cabbage

100 grams of cooked green cabbage provides about 593 milligrams of vitamin K to the body. but also helps to nourish the heart as well And most importantly, it is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and calcium as well.

5. Swiss Chard Fresh

Swiss chard 100 grams will provide approximately 830 milligrams of vitamin K to the body. It is another broccoli that provides very high vitamin K to the body. Swiss chard is a popular vegetable to eat to build strong bones. It also helps in blood clotting and helps prevent blood loss very well.

6. Parsley:
Freshly eaten 100 grams of parsley provides approximately 1,640 milligrams of vitamin K. It is considered a green leafy vegetable. That provides very high levels of vitamin K for the body. So anyone who has bone problems or bleeding is difficult to stop.Importantly, this vegetable is also rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, folate, vitamin A and flavonoids. Which is an antioxidant that is essential for the body as well.

It can be seen that all 6 foods that are rich in vitamin K are high. Most of them are green leafy vegetables. This is a vegetable that can be eaten both fresh and cooked. This is for the body to get enough vitamin K to meet the needs of the ยูฟ่าเบท body. It is recommended to eat each type of green leafy vegetables in the recommended form. Guaranteed to help strengthen bones and help build blood clots as well.