8 career options for good money Extra income during the detention period

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If only you have new ideas And a little more talent Can plan to earn money with a career extension Made at home on weekends and holidays. Or the moment that there is time Whether it is a salaryman Or if you already have a main occupation, you can choose Today  ufabet  will take you to see a career that should not be missed.


1. Sell crafts / handmade / DIY work

Whether it is a work of art such as flower molding, clay, embroidery, handmade notebook, chic T-shirt – bag – shoes, the only style in the world One-of-a-kind jewelry Or new inventions, these works are posted online for sale without having to pay rent at

2. Write code and create a website.

People with knowledge of programming in making websites. Coding jobs nowadays may not even need to be in the office anymore. You can accept jobs as jobs and send them from home. Or if you are a person with ideas for creating new coding projects. You can write scripts to sell on the web as well.

3.Take a photo of the product

Try opening your own photo studio, it’s not bad. For people who are skilled in photography. Have the equipment ready to know the camera angle, arrange the lighting, arrange the composition to make the product look outstanding. And there should be a retouching skill as well

4.Write a mobile app

Another line is to write a mobile app, with this kind of work that requires a relatively high concentration skill. Doing it at home might be a good place for many people. So if you have skill in this area, you can get it as a job as well. The difference to doing at home is lacking in brainstorming, face to face, meeting time. This may be something that you have to do in the office sometimes. But while you are working on it, you can do it at home.

5. Graphic design

Web site designs, logos, cartoon characters, greeting cards, printed materials, posters, banners, infographics or graphics are in high demand among online markets. Who is the creative head of image editing, die cut, retouching, can not be missed hard

6. Sell T-shirts

If you are a t-shirt lover Making T-shirts for sale is interesting. Nowadays, you can design various patterns. You don’t need to print it yourself. Which can be used for consignment for sale at various stores that accept t-shirt printing It is another channel that generates huge income. Because some teenagers or the general public must wear T-shirts anyway.

7. Sell Vector

People who can design good graphics or create beautiful Vector images do not need to work on orders alone, having free time, start by signing up for Gmail and sitting in designing vector images, uploading them, selling them on websites that sell images. There are many websites that accept vector images such as Shuttlestock, Freepik, 123RF.

8. Get a dozen jobs to do at home.

Making a dozen is a type of handicraft that has to be the same in every piece. With this type of work that has existed since the time when he was tagged by a songthaew or various vehicles. Which I must say that it is a craft that is currently still being made And the income is quite okay As always, you can go and get this kind of work. Maybe you do a search on the internet – the longer you do it, the better your hand skills, and possibly the more you work on your own crafts.