8 Secret Rooms in Landmarks Around the World You May Not Know About

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In old movies The home of the billionaire and its landmarks There is often a secret room hidden from the eyes of the people. Whether used for shelter or any other purpose

However, many people may not know that at present Well-known landmarks around the world all have hidden rooms. Of course, although it is not like what was seen in the movie. But it is quite interesting.

Let’s see where are they? ufabet

Bunker in the White House

It was built in 1941 as a former president’s refuge.

Secret path in Buckingham Palace

In this English palace there is a secret door in the White Drawing Room which connects to the Queen’s private residence. However, outside people are not allowed to visit this section.

There is also a secret room for the Queen’s hideout. Make a small bulletproof room. Fireproof room to prevent terrorist sneak attacks.

A small room hidden behind Mount Rushmore.

One of the most popular attractions has many secrets. One of them is a small room. Behind Lincoln’s head It is designed as a “Hall of Records” that contains copies of the Declaration of Independence and more. Collect

Secret cinema in the Catacombs, Paris

Under the paris of france There is a tunnel which is a cemetery that is hidden underground. But in addition to that, there are also secret movie theaters and restaurants. Which was secretly built until it was discovered in 2004.

Secret room in the Medici chapel

In 1975, a secret path was discovered in the Medicià Ples Museum in Florence, Italy, hidden under a trapdoor. Which is assumed to be built as an outward exit.

Empire State Building, Floor 103

On the 103th floor of the Empire State Building, there was a secret room. According to the building, only celebrities and high-ranking people will be allowed access. However recently It is rumored that Taylor Swift was allowed to shoot a music video from the secret room to promote his new song “Welcome to New York.”

Secret chamber in the torch at the Statue of Liberty

There is a hidden chamber in the torch at the Statue of Liberty, but has been deactivated since 1916 after the “Black Tom” sabotage of German officials during World War I.

Apartment hidden inside the Eiffel Tower

There seems to be a lot of secret rooms hidden in Paris. As well as the hidden apartment on the third floor of the Eiffel Tower, it was built by the architect of the Gustave Eiffel Tower, who designed it. By converting the third floor into a private residence It is now open for visiting.

It’s unbelievable that all these landmarks and attractions have a small secret. Hidden inside Who has the opportunity to travel, take a look at the buildings you have visited. Maybe you might find a new secret room 🙂