8 Techniques to Speed ​​Up Your Android Phone That Actually Work

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As you know, the advantages of Android mobile phones are a variety of specifications and now some specifications are very fast, but if used for a long time notice that it will decrease It has many reasons. But it will do so that your Android phone can maintain this speed for a long time. Today UFABET Hitech, we have answers for you to try up to 8 techniques as follows.

Manage your internal space


Let’s start with the very basic story. That is, if you see your memory starting to fill up. It will result in the machine slowing down quite a lot, so managing the memory space of the machine is considered very important as ever. Every machine has installed Google’s Flies program, it can be managed immediately. and also used to delete the program’s cache via In the settings page (Settings) and then select Apps as well.

Remove some unused programs.

The next is a program that we do not use, it will notify you. To delete, so removing unused programs will result in regaining space. And it also saves energy because it doesn’t need to be processed. You can delete it at Setting > Apps (Apps ) , enter the program and press Uninstall.

turn off graphical display Some animations will make the machine faster.


For this it is still appropriate for 2022, although Android mobile apps will change rapidly. And work better, making the animations focus on speed and effect, but if it’s running slow, some apps can turn off the animation speed as well.

Be sure to restart the device.

Some people think that this is not the case, but restarting the machine often helps to close some programs, allowing the machine to free up space to the RAM, making the machine back faster for a period of time, and also checks the readiness of Does the machine come ready to use or not as well?

Try the Lite Edition version of the program.


For mobile phones that are cheap or less space, installing a lightweight version of the program or Lite Edition that has many releases can help reduce the use of the space of the device. And sometimes today’s programs begin to lose weight, saving space and helping the device not consume too many resources. Therefore, choosing the right program is one option that can make the device faster.

Keep updating the operating system.


Having tried all of these methods, one more thing to know is that Android is a self-updating operating system, so installing a newer version of the operating system will result in a faster and cleaner performance. Some software can do the same.

Try pressing Factory Reset.


In addition to the issue of software and operating system updates Another thing that many people will choose to do is a Factory Reset or reversing the factory settings to make the machine work faster. This means that the machine will restart all over again. make the machine faster But you have to install the program yourself, it may take a lot of time.

(This item should think a lot) Try to install Custom ROM

Another thing that a pro makna may use is to install the ROM itself because Android phones can install the operating system by themselves if you find a good one. It will make the machine strong and run smoothly. But don’t forget, if you install the ROM yourself, your mobile phone insurance will be voided immediately.

In the end, which method is suitable for you to make your Android phone faster in any way, try to adapt it according to the proposed method.