8 trees that are easy to raise and die hard, suitable for growing at home

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Some trees Not heat resistant And the sunlight may dry wither until it eventually dies Damage A garden you can love But how good would it be if a tree in the garden or in a condo in Sathorn area? Your can bloom and bloom fresh leaves throughout all seasons. Therefore, we have compiled plants that are suitable for the climate of Thailand. Let’s leave something to do. Let’s go and see.


1. Show three colors

It is a shrub about ufabet  1 meter tall, grayish-green trunk with white rubber leaves, single leaves, alternate, oval, pointed leaf base, tapered leaf base, concave leaf edge, thick leaf plate, smooth leaf surface, light green mixed with white blotches, white color. Red or pink flowers from a bouquet at the end of the shoot. Has a red or purple color Popular propagated by cuttings. Can grow in all types of soil Like the sun, it fades to the full sun. Do not need a lot of water Does not need frequent watering

2. Vassana

With beautiful trees and beautiful shrubs Some types of spotted leaves are stripes such as white, green, yellow, green, even more old, a group of beautiful clumps up to 10 meters high. Do not bring it out of the forest. In the market, there are only cultured rapeseed. Wasana blossomed in a large bouquet. Emits a strong scent Suitable to be planted in rock gardens. Planted as a highlight in the garden. Potted plants are drought tolerant but can survive in moist soils. Some people cut the trunk into short pieces and place them in shallow water. Will split the buds to form a bouquet of leaves Can be decorated in the room

3. Thong Lang Lai

It is a medium-sized, deciduous perennial plant, about 10-25 m high, stems and branches with short spines, alternate leaves, oval, pointed leaf base, rounded edges, smooth leaves, thick leathery leaves. Dark green, it has yellow stripes along the leaf veins. The flowers come out as a bouquet at the end of the branch, pea shape, color or white. Has a light fragrance Attached during the months of December – January. The fruit is dark brown cylindrical pod with reddish brown oval seeds, most often planted in the field. Popular propagated by cuttings and grafting. Prefers loamy soils, likes full sun, likes moderate water 1-2 times a week, should be spaced a reasonable distance between plants. Resistant to disease quite well. But be careful with aphids gnawing leaves.

4. Phakkhrong

It is a low shrub that is planted as a ground cover, rock inserted or made as a hanging potted plant, well trimmed, indigenous mask, bright orange flowers, often found in rocky foothills, dry sandy soils, ranging in color from white Light pink to bright pink, bright yellow, bright yellow, some varieties have alternating colors in the middle and flower edges. All kinds are easy to raise. Even in the drought, the light will bloom. If grown in moist loam, the inflorescences will not be broken. The mask does not have many enemies, worms, insects or diseases. Because of the pungent smell in every part And flowers help prevent pests well

5. Indian Alkaline Tires

It is a small to medium tree, 3-10 meters tall, brown trunk with white resin and aerial roots. The leaves are single, alternate, oval, inverted, tapered leaves, thick, green leaves with yellowish cream-colored edges. The flower is a small bouquet, no petals, the fruit is spherical, small, popular to propagate by grafting. Can grow in all types of soil Prefers soft sunlight and needs moderate to intense water. To check from the top-of-the-ground condition

6. Agave

It is a plant from abroad that has adapted to our home climate well. There are many kinds. Agave is drought tolerant. Raises well in sandy, sunny soil. Some grow on the roadside and the wasteland. No maintenance, watering But it still grows well and will last for many years. The edges of the agave leaves often have spines and the tips of the leaves are sharp, needle-like. Planting along the fence or wall, both outside and inside, is very effective against intrusion. Growing agave in a rock garden Desert garden with other succulents Set as an ornamental potted plant Or a modern garden, it looks simple and chic

7. Spotted Tamarind

It is a small to medium shrub, not more than 3 meters high, upright stems, dense shoots, thick leaves, many branches with sharp spines. White with yellowish-green blotches Young leaves are pink with yellowish-green blotches. A bouquet of flowers at the end of the shoot Yellow-green or white, blooming all year round, the fruit is a flat pod, popular propagated by seeds, cuttings and grafted in general soil. But prefers well-drained loamy soils Likes low humidity Like the faint sun or full sun exposure Can be cut to be beautiful.

8. Prae Shanghai

It is a fast growing succulent plant. But not shaggy Made as a hanging potted plant or planted in a low wide pot shape well, bloom all year round, there are many colors such as white, pink, white, pink, light pink, light orange, red, planted insert stones in the garden. Plant along the edge of the road In front yard, fence, as well as in rock gardens, desert gardens, Mediterranean gardens, modern gardens or balcony gardens.

How are you? There are many beautiful trees to choose from, right? If anyone still does not know himself, what should be planted? At least please keep a list of these plants as an alternative.