9 Basic Feng Shui Principles to make everything in the house smooth

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It is said that feng shui of ancient China helps create harmony. And the well-being of every house by those who believe in feng shui believes in the power of things, arrangement, arrangement of things. Because it affects every aspect of our lives from health to wealth to careers and relationships, here are 9 feng shui tips to keep things running smoothly in your home .

no clutter house

Qi will flow easily. when there is no clutter Because if the house is cluttered, it will create negative energy. Therefore, keeping the house organized and not cluttered will make the air in the house clean and light through to your home.

open your door

The front door should be clean. and easy to activate Free from obstacles for positive energy to flow in. In addition, the beautiful artwork or furniture at the entrance will attract positive energy into the house Therefore, the door should be left open.

Carefully place the bed

The head of the bed should be placed against the wall in the commanding position. by allowing the entrance to be clearly seen but should not be close to the door Try using a mirror to reflect the door if you can’t place your bed so that you can see the door.

Broken items should be repaired

Something that is broken or no longer works is a hindrance to the vitality of the home.

Add something to help purify the air in the living room.

The best house plants are lucky bamboos. Orchids in pots, if placed in the bedroom, will promote honesty, etc.

Avoid hanging artwork in a straight line.

Because hanging the art in a straight line creates poison arrows. When sharp edges come out clearly, it makes the area feel uncomfortable. Try to decorate the walls of the gallery with a soft touch. and make the Qi flow naturally

Do not wash away luck from the house.

Water is considered a symbol of wealth. Therefore, to reduce the loss of Qi, close the drain, close the toilet lid, close the bathroom door. to maintain wealth

add water to increase wealth

As mentioned, water reflects wealth according to feng shui. So place something that reflects the water element near the entrance to your home, such as a fountain, and its nature of flow should be the water that flows into your home, allowing wealth to flow into your life.

Turn off the TV.

If you have a TV in your bedroom Turn it off when not in use. The UFABET energy of the TV can interfere with calm and quiet energy.