Alishan, Taiwan, the best places to visit in nature that should not be missed.

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Another country worth visiting for nature lovers who want to get out and breathe fresh air. In the midst of the forest, Phi Hed Mushroom Travel recommends going to Taiwan tours, in addition to being famous for delicious food, and the nature is as beautiful as anywhere else. There are many national parks in Taiwan. One of the most famous places is Alishan National Park A place rich in gifts from UFABET nature. Today, Phi Hed Mushroom Travel will take you to explore what is interesting in Alishan.

Get to know Alishan National Park

Alishan National Park is a large natural area in Chiayi City, covering an area of ​​more than 1,400 hectares. An interesting point is Mount Alishan, which is about 2,200 meters above sea level. It is a famous sunrise spot. along with watching the sea of ​​mist in the morning Also here is a good source of tea plantation. The weather above is cool all year round. Suitable for hiking and enjoying nature, where tourists will be able to fully enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in Alishan Park, along with many fun travel activities . Let’s see what’s there.

1. Take a train to see nature in the park.

In Alishan National Park, there is an ancient railway line for us to sit and admire nature. It is an activity that you can enjoy and experience nature to the fullest. Along the way, we will be able to admire the pristine nature of the pine forest. Then the train will take us to the final station which is a view point on the mountain. Get the fresh air that comes with the fog. by the Chinese believe The fog on the mountain peaks, especially in the morning, is rich in chi. which is energy It is the basic power of living beings that helps restore health. You can see beautiful nature. And also get good power as well

2. Trekking along a nature trail

One of the highlights of visiting Alishan is trekking through the nature trails. Here, a comfortable walkway is made for tourists. Enjoy watching the pine forest and lush greenery. Marvel at the hundreds of years old big trees. See the remains of ancient trees with strange shapes In addition, within the park there is a Song Phi Nong lake. This is a very beautiful lake. And is a popular location for filming as well, the most special is in early-mid March. There will be Taiwanese cherry blossoms blooming in pink all over the area. If you haven’t been to Japan , you can come and see the cherry blossoms in Alishan, Taiwan.

3. Taste Oolong tea

enjoy the view If you want to get even more atmosphere, you need to sip a good cup of tea. Another thing that can’t be missed is Taste of Oolong tea here The top of Alishan Mountain is one of the best tea plantations in Taiwan. There will be a lot of tea planting areas. Oolong tea has anti-oxidant properties that are good for the body. in the midst of cool mountain air Just thinking about it makes me feel satisfied.

Traveling from Taoyuan and Taipei Airports to Alishan

Take a high speed train (THSR) or a local train (TRA) from Taoyuan or Taipei to Chiayi and transfer to Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Alishan Line A 7329 or Alishan Line B 7322C. Get off at the Chukou Visitor Center

or take the train to Chiayi Station and take the Alishan Forest Railway to Alishan Station or take the Chiayi County Bus (bound for Alishan) to Alishan Station

And this is Alishan, the natural attraction of Taiwan tours that are recommended not to be missed. who works hard Want to find a place to travel that allows us to rest our body and mind Live close to nature to recharge yourself. P’Mushroom recommends it. Guarantee that you will be happy, fun, and also get to walk and exercise lightly. For health too