Connecting you to be one with your favorite car with the My BMW App.

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My BMW App is an innovative app that makes it easier to connect people to cars. Through a smartphone from a distance, in this latest version, there is a new design to make it easier to use and add more functions. But there will be something more to see for yourself.

Update vehicle information at any time

when entering the app page There will be complete information of the car, both the model and the color of your car on the screen. Below are information on the amount of remaining electrical power. and remaining oil that can drive a few kilometers including the status of locking the car whether it has been locked or not ufabet.

You can easily operate the car remotely.

In the app, there is also a remote command function. You can perform various tasks remotely, such as

  • Find your car from within the app with Vehicle Finder, which shows a map where your car is parked.
  • Unlock or lock the car from key symbol button within the app in case you walk away from the car for convenience without having to walk back to the car 
  • Turn on the air conditioning system before traveling from a distance, only for the BMW Plug-in Hybrid model. Just press Start Climatization.
  • In the case of parking in the dark or wide area Can temporarily turn on the headlights of the car to signal where the car is fire symbol button

Increase safety when parking with Remote 3D View

In case of leaving the car parked in an unreliable spot To check the surrounding environment Whether the car is safe or not, just press the Remote 3D View, it will be able to scroll through all views around the car in 3D clearly.

Send the desired coordinates to the car’s navigation system immediately.

After searching, find the desired destination on the phone. Coordinates can be forwarded to the car’s navigation system by pressing Send to My BMW, and then follow the directions of the car without having to search again.

Turn your iPhone into a car key. You can also send it to your friends.

With the BMW Digital Key , you don’t have to carry your car keys anymore. Because just having an iPhone can unlock and start the car too. Just tap the phone on the door handle. The cool thing is that up to 5 friends can send the BMW Digital Key to use the car easily. The car owner can also limit the maximum speed, horsepower, and the maximum sound volume as well.

Check engine oil and service status 

Within the app, you can check the mileage of the car whether it’s due to check the interval or change the oil or not. And when it’s due, there will be a notification message. including various services whether it is ready for use or not, such as brakes, it is time to change or not Or when the app has a software upgrade it will notify the owner of the car.