Drinking tea from a saucer of Kankubai What is the meaning of the symbol

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No movie trend is hotter than Gangubai these days , with a straight-forward historical story and a stinging satire. until causing ripples and questioning to society that are all interesting and interesting to discuss In addition to raising issues of caste and social status or the story of a prostitute As well as on women’s rights and equality in India, the anecdotes in each scene that don’t even leave the grandeur of the storyline are the little things that make an incredible impact. For example, many outstanding scenes People wonder about Kankubai ‘s tea drinking .That’s why she drinks tea from a teacup saucer. Instead of drinking tea from a normal cup. What do those actions indicate? And why is the story of Kankubai’s tea drinking? thus changing the situation as the movie presented. Follow along to find the answer here.

Go back in history as written. The events in which the movie Gangubai is presented lie in the time. When England was a superpower came to rule over India. Including the deployment of troops stationed in India as a base. The tea drinking culture that originated from colonial countries like England was spread in India. This included a separatist regime consistent with the caste system that is still part of India to this day. 

In addition to racist rule from England in the 18th century. Of course the stratification continues. So seeing an Indian man in the service of a European prostitute was not very pleasing to the military. Because these are clearly symbols of class division.

including the most memorable stories and scenes such as meeting the Prime Minister who showed disgust for her prostitution by showing a stance of not wanting to shake hands and drinking tea with her clearly. Kankubai then paid his respects by pouring tea from a teacup onto a saucer and drinking it. Instead of sipping from the usual teacup to show humility. It is like showing someone who is inferior and can’t always act. Which is clearly a social hierarchy that she herself expresses. The culture of drinking tea from these saucers is still carried on today. So many times we see Indians still drinking tea in teacup saucers often. Some say that Indians drink this tea regularly for cultural reasons only. However, in addition to the story and the plot that creates an overwhelming power for society. It really takes us back to history and asks questions to fix the present and build the UFABET future really well.