How to clean headphones to get rid of hundreds of thousands of bacteria

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Many people may not know that the headphones that we use to listen to music. use it to talk on the phone It will be a source of hundreds of thousands of germs !! (More than the toilet seat) to avoid germs that will destroy your health, what we have to do is Get rid of germs! Women.  recommends how to clean headphones for everyone to do.

Steps to clean headphones, Earbuds, In-Ear

information from website disclose information about dirtiness of headphones That there are up to 119,186 bacteria that live from the heat of the body + the stuffiness of the headphones. Resulting in good bacteria growth (If you wear headphones, exercise, the humidity is even more. I don’t even want to think about how big it will be.)

You can avoid various diseases with simple cleaning as follows.

must-have equipment

  • Toothbrush (slender bristles to protect the headphones)
  • liquid hand soap (If you can choose, it’s a formula to eliminate bacteria)
  • cotton buds, cotton pads
  • Alcohol, 70 % or more, it’s good. Germs will die for sure.
  • Rubber gloves (if you don’t have one, you don’t need it, but you have to wash your hands thoroughly)
  • Glass (for warm water)

How to clean earbuds

  • Turn the headphones upside down (dust won’t get back into the headphones).
  • Use a toothbrush to brush gently so that it doesn’t affect the parts inside the headphones.
  • Then use a cotton swab moistened with alcohol. and wipe the headphones (Don’t use too much as this will cause the alcohol to overflow into the headphones and damage them.)
  • The cable of the headphones Use a cotton pad moistened with alcohol and wipe it clean.

How to clean in-ear headphones

  • Remove the silicone ear tips first.
  • Mix warm water with liquid soap and stir well. Then put the silicone stopper in.
  • Then take the silicone up and clean the small nooks with cotton bats.
  • Rinse with clean water. and put to dry completely

Just like this, your ear canal will be far away from hundreds of thousands of bacteria from the headphones. Don’t forget to clean your headphones everyone ^^