Is the black spot on “garlic” really a “fungus”? Is there a risk of cancer?

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Used to pick up garlic to cook and found black spots. on the garlic meat? Is it a fungus. Can you cut it off and eat it again. How dangerous is this? The National Cancer Institute. Department of Medicine Ministry of Public Health has the answer.

Is the black spot on “garlic” really a “fungus”? ufabet

It has been shared that the brown spots found on garlic meat are fungi, most of which are toxic or carcinogenic fungi. The National Cancer Institute. Department of Medicine Ministry of Public Health has examined the matter. Clarified that Brown spots on garlic can be caused by a garlic bruise. Causing a variety of fungi to contaminate or grow in the bruise area. 

black spot in garlic Is it a carcinogen? 

There is concern that the fungus on garlic may produce toxins or carcinogens. According to research findings. It was found that Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus are fungi that can produce aflatoxin. Which is classified as a human carcinogen. However, there is currently no confirmation that aflatoxin is found in brown spots on garlic.

In short, the brown spots on the garlic flesh are bruises. As a result, fungi or other types of microorganisms contaminated or growing in the area of ​​the bruise There is currently no research indicating that the brown spots on garlic meat contain carcinogens.