Photo collection of MUT 2021 final round “Anchile” won the crown of Miss Universe Thailand 2021

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After letting the beauty queen be excited for a long time. We finally got to know the result. The Miss Universe Thailand 2021 pageant. The crown goes to Annchile Scott Kemis has scored well throughout the competition. Answering questions that demonstrate wit Until finally. They were able to win the hearts of the referees without looking at them. 

Of course, beauty queen fans are familiar with the quiz round. It is well known that this round is considered the most difficult round where beautiful women must use a lot of wit and sanity to answer questions. For anyone who may not be able to hear the answer of Anchili Scott Kemis. The owner of the crown of Miss Universe Thailand 2021. Today we picked up both questions and answers in the 5 rounds and the last 3 people to read. This time, we’ll see how she answered the question and why it won everyone’s hearts until she was able to win the crown.