Reveal 5 stories of the Titanic survivors After that, how are they?

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The saying “Nobody knows what will happen when” seems to be proven often. Because the story of The “Titanic” that sank overnight on April 14, 1912, has become both a legend and a lifelong nightmare for many people.

In the wake of the ufabet Titanic colliding with an iceberg that resulted in the deaths of 1,500 people, approximately 706 survivors were able to take off the lifeboat in time. And this is the story of that group. One of them was only 2 months old when they had the worst case in their life.

Molly Brown

New millionaires who cruise with pleasure But to meet with a nightmare that will make her remember for the rest of her life.

When rescued, Brown gave the victim both food and blankets. Until becoming famous She is also a advocate for the women’s suffrage movement. It also set up a relief aid center in France during World War I.

Madeleine Astor

At the age of 18, the young woman just got married on a voyage on the Titanic. She met a marriage scandal with JJ Astor, 47, when she was on her way home and pregnant.

Astor survived, but her husband did not survive the drowning. The girl was in a confused state. Although later gave birth to a healthy baby. But the public’s attention to her as a survivor Makes her feel like having repeated nightmares.

In 1916 she remarried and divorced an Italian boxer, but in 1940 she died at the age of 46.

Eva Hart

The 7-year-old just got excited when sailing the Titanic with his family.

Eva Hart is the last survivor of a family who is caught up in terrible memories. Before her death in 1996, at the age of 91, survived and grew, Eva became a judge and was interviewed by the events of that day.

” Parents woke us up and didn’t explain anything. In addition to giving up to gather on top Sometimes i wonder If that day we do not obey Will have a chance to share it with you today or not “

Her father carried her and her mother into the boat. That was the last time she would meet him. Her father wrote a letter and put it in a coat to give to her mother. This story has become a very sad and deep legend aboard the Titanic.

Michel and Edmond Navratil

Both are known as “Titanic Orphan” Michel was 4 years old, while Edmond was 2 years old. The two were separated from their parents and brought together with a fake name to travel to America.

Edmond died in 1953, and Michel survived and became the last survivor of the Titanic. He died in 2001 at the age of 92. He worked as a professor of philosophy in France, however, he said that his life was over four years old. End

Countess of Rothes

Lucy Noel Leslie is known as the Countess of Rothes, she was one of the greats of this incident. After embarking on a lifeboat and being rescued by another boat She has taken care of and consoling others.

Lucy returned home after the incident and didn’t share anything with anyone. Until her death in 1956, her grandchildren met with a letter to write about that day. In addition, after the nightmare, Lucy was running a charity event. As well as being one of the first World War 1 nurses

The stories of these five survivors reflect various aspects of the people, from what could be described as a turnaround in life.