Reveals how to clean mobile phones after taking them to the Songkran festival in the year 2022

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after coming back from Songkran festival In addition to cleaning our bodies clean, the equipment that we have to take to play Songkran, especially mobile phones, we should be cleaning as well. Is there any method that we should know? The UFABET Hitech team has compiled a method for you to see.


Look at the damage around the device that there are any points.

First, remove the waterproof case or bag and see with your eyes before checking whether there is anything wrong with the device in order to send the device to the center or take it to be repaired in time.

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the machine once.

after no traces That has caused serious damage, we should wipe the machine thoroughly before applying a solution or alcohol to clean and smooth the heat in order to kill the disease, but it is recommended to wipe it first without using the solution because Make sure there are signs of damage or not.

Use 75% ethyl alcohol on a cloth or cotton swab.

If you have passed the above 2 items. First things first, you can find a microfiber cloth or cotton swab to wipe all over the machine. But it is recommended not to drip until damp. Just enough to get wet After wiping, leave the machine for 5 minutes. 

Use a toothbrush to rub the speaker/microphone.

The implementation is similar to the first method. by impregnating with ethyl alcohol slightly and gradually Swipe to the grooves lightly, do not swipe hard. because it may cause damage to the machine 

You see, it’s not difficult to take care of after taking your mobile phone to Songkran Festival. You just need to know how much moisture your phone is exposed to. For the next time, there will be tips and techniques. What are you waiting for next?