Today’s gold price 8/4/66, 1st time up 50 baht, win gold, touch 33,000 baht per baht

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The Gold Trade Association reported that ” Gold Price Today ” Saturday, April 8, 2023 at 9:24 a.m. The first time the market opened, the gold price increased by 50 baht. 

Today's gold price 8/4/66, 1st time up 50 baht, win gold, touch 33,000 baht per baht

Gold price today, April 8, 2023, the price of gold ornaments and the price of gold UFABET bars

  • Price of a gold bar: buy 32,350.00 baht per baht, sell out 32,450.00 baht per baht
  • Price of gold ornaments: buying price 31,760.20 baht per baht weight, selling price 32,950.00 baht per baht weight

Gold price today 2 salung or 50 satang 

  • 2 salung gold bars, bought for 16,175 baht, sold for 16,225 baht.
  • Gold ornaments 2 salung, bought for 15,880.1 baht, sold for 16,475 baht.

**gold price today 1 salung

  • Gold bar 1 salung  : buying for 8,087.5 baht, selling for 8,112.5 baht
  • Gold ornaments, 1 salung,  bought for 7,940.05 baht, sold for 8,237.5 baht.

*Gold price today 1/2 Salung (half Salung)

  • 7 gold bars, 1/2 Salung (half Salung),  buying for 4,043.75 baht, selling out for 4,056.25 baht
  • Gold ornaments 1/2 salung (half a salung)  bought for 3,970.025 baht, sold out for 4,118.75 baht.

Trends, gold prices today. The US financial markets are closed today for Good Friday.

Gold prices fall as investors take profits Including the strong dollar pressured gold prices , despite weak US economic data. The US ADP private sector employment increased by only 145,000 positions, the US service sector index was below market expectations. And the number of applicants for US unemployment benefits fell less than the market expected. The SPDR Gold Trust holds unchanged gold holdings.

Economic numbers to follow

Tonight the US will release nonfarm payrolls for March. The market is expected to add 228,000 jobs from a 311,000 increase. *The market is expected to increase 0.3% from a 0.2% increase. The unemployment rate in March.