Top 10 careers for teenagers in the US Where even without experience can earn money + find work!

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Let’s shine that foreign teenagers like the United States! What career do they and she choose to do during their studies to gain experience and earn money ?

Here are 10 jobs that even without experience can do. It also provides information on the minimum hourly rate of work for each occupation. Believe that many ufabet Jobs can be adapted to Thailand because it is suitable for students and students as well. What will the 10 jobs have? You can scroll down to check it out.


1. Dishwasher

Average hourly earnings: $ 10.08 (about 300 baht).

2. Cashier

Average hourly income rate: $ 10.01 (about 300 baht).

3. Barista

Average hourly earnings: $ 10.64 (about 320 baht).

4. cinema staff

Average hourly earnings: $ 9.68 (about 290 baht).

5. retail salespeople

Average hourly earnings: $ 10.75 (about 320 baht)

6. Tutor

Average hourly earnings: $ 18.08 (about 550 baht).

7. freelance workers

Average Hourly Earnings: Varies depending on the line of work.

8. the gardener

Average hourly earnings: $ 10.08 (about 400 baht).

9. the babysitter

Average hourly earnings: $ 10.97 – $ 13.23 (about 300 – 400 baht).

10. cleaning staff

Average hourly income rate: $ 11.91 (about 360 baht).

Because life has many other perspectives to learn Of course, studying is an important part and you should pay attention to it. But if the time can be divided Applying for a part-time job may also lead to experience. Learn and understand more about the world of work. And it may benefit your career that you want in the future 🙂