What causes an abscess? Why it is forbidden to squeeze, how to treat an abscess, how to be safe

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Has anyone ever had an ” abscess “? Anyone who raises their hand may well understand the experience of torture that used to be an abscess. The blister is pressed and it hurts like a UFABET pimple, but not a pimple. And more importantly, if there is pus, the more painful it is, the more difficult it is to recover. Many people may understand that it is a large pimple. and squeezed the pus by himself But in fact, if it is an abscess Should see a doctor for proper treatment is the best. Because self-treatment without the right method risks inflammation, large wounds, and severe symptoms that are more difficult to treat.

What causes an abscess? Why it is forbidden to squeeze, how to treat an abscess, how to be safe

Why do we have boils?

When the body is dirty, weak and has low immunity makes the body easily infected with bacteria In addition, diabetic patients with high blood sugar levels. are at risk of having an abscess than normal people The abscess usually occurs in areas where bacteria are prone to susceptibility, such as damp spots.

How to treat an abscess to be safe?

As a rule, the abscess can break up on its own. symptoms will subside. If anyone has an abscess. It should be taken care of properly as follows:

  1. Compress the abscess with a cloth moistened with warm water for 10-15 minutes at a time, 2-3 times a day. Compress the abscess with warm water. It will make the blood vessels in the area where the abscess circulate better. An abscess is easier to break on its own.
  2. Always wash your hands clean. If you bring your own unclean hand to touch the abscess It can make the abscess more susceptible to infection. And it may also spread bacteria to others as well.
  3. Do not squeeze, thrust, or puncture an unripe abscess. (No pus head) because germs may spread to nearby areas.
  4. The abscess should improve in 2 weeks. abnormally large Or accidentally squeeze the abscess by yourself should see a doctor for cleaning and treat the abscess properly to prevent infection and repetition