Why can’t I apply for a credit card? What are the reasons?

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Applying for a credit card in 2021 has the same prerequisites as in the previous year: the applicant must earn 15,000 baht or more. Today,  ufabet  online collects the reasons why credit card applications fail. Let’s see why


5 reasons why you can’t apply for a credit card

1. Missing all documents

The credit card. The bank will request documents that identify the applicant, such as a copy of an ID card. Including various income documents If the document has been copied, the text is blurred, cannot be seen, or handwritten is filled in and the staff cannot read May require requesting new documents Increase the consideration process Or if the required documents are not complete Then made it not approved

2. The applicant’s conditions do not meet the conditions of the bank.

In some cases when all documents are submitted Expected to be eligible to apply for a credit card. But some of the criteria of that card may not meet the qualifications we apply for, for example, must be domiciled in the service area. Or someone has already applied for a pass When receiving free gifts, it was canceled shortly. Therefore failing to apply for a new card

3. There is an uncertain occupation and place of residence.

There will be fields in the document to fill out occupations. And housing If the applicant cannot identify the occupation And fill in the dormitory address May result in a credit card application not being passed Because the financial institution has to send invoice documents to the applicant every month. Without a clear address, the outstanding balance cannot be tracked.

4. Contacting a referral or who is unable to work

When applying for a credit card, you must include the reference name. And the name of the workplace The financial institution will call to check if you are actually working at the company as you fill in the information or not, if the call is not connected or there are no recipients of the call many times. Will affect the consideration

5. I have a lot of debt.

The financial institution that issued the credit card will ask you to disclose the history of the credit bureau. To know how much the applicant has debt relative to the income filled in If found that the debt burden is higher than the ability to pay the debt May result in the possibility of not being able to apply for a credit card

Therefore, before applying for a credit card every time Documents must be checked And my own basic information first You can submit your own credit history check at various channels. Including checking the conditions for that credit card product first So you don’t waste time submitting documents several times.