Why is exercise important?

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Physical health, good mental health are all things that everyone desires. The more the days of our age are increasing rapidly. I can say that in a moment, is it our age to come to this plaster?

In May last year I have written an article on the 5 priorities of life goals. Which one of them will have a matter of “health” included.

Even when having the opportunity to go to the hospital Having seen sick people in many forms We should exercise for a healthy body.

In this event I would like to share my exercise experiences. From the record keeping from 2014 until 2019, total 6 full years as shown in the table below.

exercise important

* All exercise data is included in fitness, running, soccer.

You can see that the year 2014-2015 is quite diligent to exercise. Average 5-6 times a month, but then in 2016 with the burden of family and relocation Causing not to exercise significantly However, with everything in place since 2017, it has begun to return to saving more exercise days ufabet respectively.

This is an example of an exercise journal to analyze my own performance. And for planning to optimize one’s own life planning Anyone interested in implementing this method would be glad. I wish everyone to be healthy, complete, and strong everyone.