Don’t miss it! 5 tricks to lose weight like IF for quick results

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IF weight loss is another way that girls Many people are popularly used to lose weight by eating for a while and starving for a time. But the most popular formula is 8:16 or eating for 8 hours and fasting for 16 hours. Today we have a trick that will help you lose weight like IF more effective. Which has something to do with it.

Don't miss it! 5 tricks to lose weight like IF for quick results

1. Drink water in the morning after waking up.
Drinking water in the morning after waking up is beneficial to the body. The more people who are losing weight like IF and then with it. This will encourage the body to eat fully and is good for the intestines. It also helps reduce hunger very well. So when you wake up in the morning, don’t forget to drink a glass of water. And during the day, you need to drink enough water as well.

 2. Coffee and tea can help.
If you are tired of drinking plain water in the morning, you can have coffee instead. But it must be black coffee without sugar or maybe herbal tea. But if anyone who doesn’t like coffee or tea much. May drink water mixed with lemon instead. without sugar or honey Or you can mix mint with water. which will give freshness It helps reduce hunger well and is also good for health.

3. Get used to being hungry 

Doing IF is a weight loss method that uses the principle of adjusting the body’s habit. When I first started doing it, I felt so hungry that many People choose to give up doing IF altogether, but you have to try to be patient because your body will have these symptoms only in the early stages. As soon as we are hungry but we haven’t fasted all day, it will pull the accumulated fat out for energy. This is the purpose of the IF weight loss method.

4. Use technology to help.
In various applications, there is a program that allows you to do IF correctly on time and does not make you forget. You can download ufabet it from your app store.

5. Start IF after dinner
It is recommended that you start IF after dinner is best. Because fasting during this time will help us to be more successful in doing it. But if your daily life has to work at night and sleep during the day. can adjust the new IF plan as appropriate

In the early stages of IF, you may feel tormented by starvation. But after doing it for a while It will become a habit and make you successful in losing weight quite easily.