Aston Villa 1-0 Manchester City: Issues after the Premier League game: The Blues are winless in the league for 4 games in a row.

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  • Leon Bailey scores the winning goal to seal Manchester City’s defeat.
  • Manchester City are winless in 4 consecutive games in the Premier League.
  • Manchester City are without Rodri and Jack Grealish are suspended.
Aston Villa 1-0 Manchester City: Issues after the Premier League game: The Blues are winless in the league for 4 games in a row.

The absence of Rodri affects the team once again.

Rodri is suspended after receiving a yellow card in the previous game, a 3-3 draw with Tottenham Hotspur, causing him to accumulate a quota of yellow cards, causing him to miss out on helping Manchester City visit AFC. Stun Villa

Contending Villa’s midfield is no easy task. And the performance of Unai Emery’s team, which was in the top four, was not a fluke either. That made Pep Guardiola decide to send John Stones into the defensive midfield position with Manu. El Akanji when the ทางเข้า ufabet team is the build-up side

However, the two were unable to filter out Villa’s attack, which led to the hosts creating many chances. And scored as many as 22 times, unlike City who scored only 2 times, which came from Erling Haaland in only one moment.

Rodri’s absence from suspension has had an effect before. And it came back to haunt them in the latest match. It shows how much of a part Rodri is to Guardiola’s plans.

Defensively, City have been off form lately.

It’s a rare occurrence for City when their defense is out of form. This season has looked strange in many games, especially in the latter period where they have conceded goals in the last 5 matches.

Over the last 5 games, including all competitions, City have conceded 11 goals. This is partly because their defense has been plagued by injuries. causing a lack of consistency

John Stones and Ruben Dias are the duo that brings “The Blues” have had success in recent years, but this season Stones has been injured and has only recently returned to full fitness.

Dias, who has always been strong, is beginning to show his weaknesses, while Yosco Guardiol, who just joined, still needs time to adjust. With a new role being taken to play as a left center back. Alternate with left-back during the game.

City have scored just twice, the fewest in Pep’s managerial career.

It’s an incredible statistic for City under Guardiola. They only created two scoring chances. This is the worst figure since Guardiola began managing a team in the big leagues.

Since taking the job at Barcelona’s first team in 2008, Guardiola has managed the team and played 535 league games, including his time managing Bayern Munich and the number of matches is famous. say is the lowest statistic

Meanwhile, Villa had a total of 22 shots in this game. This is the highest number that Guardiola’s team has been targeted by competitors.

Another amazing statistic is that Villa had previously been unable to beat City in their previous 13 league games. Divided into 2 and 11 draws, the record was broken.

Kevin De Bruyne close to a comeback?

Before this game, City fans received good news when the club announced the names of the 23 players in the FIFA Club World Cup squad, with Kevin De Bruyne, an important commander, included in the list.

De Bruyne has not played for City since injuring his hamstring in the opening game of the season. and had to undergo surgery

However, Guardiola previously confirmed the Belgian international playmaker should be fit in January. And even though the 32-year-old star traveled with the team to compete in the Club World Cup, But he still won’t be able to play. But only as team captain.

Although not yet ready, it is considered a good sign at a time when the team is looking for players who can add dimension to the team. And it would be a good thing for Erling Haaland, who probably misses the team captain dearly.