Grading Manchester City’s players, poor form, losing to Aston Villa 1-0 in the Premier League. Last night: Player Ratings

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  • The absence of Rodri clearly affects Manchester City in this game.
  • The Blues’ offensive game was out of form when they only had 2 chances to shoot.
  • Pep Guardiola’s team are now winless in 4 consecutive league games.
Grading Manchester City's players, poor form, losing to Aston Villa 1-0 in the Premier League. Last night: Player Ratings

Manchester City continues their poor form in the Premier League after recently losing to Aston Villa 1-0 with a winning goal from Leon Bailey.

The absence of Rodri clearly had an impact in this game. At the same time, the ทางเข้า ufabet game of “The Blues” were out of form when they found only 2 total shooting opportunities.

This result leaves Pep Guardiola’s team without a win in 4 consecutive league games. And they dropped to 4th in the table, 6 points behind leaders Arsenal after 15 games.

Manchester City player ratings

Ederson – 7/10

Probably the Manchester City player whose performance was the most outstanding in this game. Showing a form of saving as well as playing after Villa found as many as 22 opportunities to shoot, but the ball was on target 7 times.

Kyle Walker – 5/10

Had a difficult game because they couldn’t win many duels with their opponents. Met the strength of both Watkins and McGinn until they couldn’t be the same.

Manuel Akanji – 7/10

Moves the ball forward well. and always be alert to cut off dangerous situations many times Even though there were some moments where they were unable to cope with the speed of Villa’s attacking game.

Ruben Dias – 6/10

Unfortunately, Bailey’s blocked shot deflected into Villa’s winning goal, as Dias didn’t have a bad game overall, despite being disturbed by Watkins at times.

Yosco Guardiol – 4/10

Made several nice tackles, especially Tielemans in the first half, but struggled to cope with Bailey’s agility, eventually scoring the winning goal.

John Stones – 6/10

Receiving a yellow card in the first half made it difficult to play the rest of the time. But he still does well when he has to take on the role of replacing Rodri.

Rico Lewis – 5/10

When faced with a midfield that used physical contact, it looked completely awry in the first half. But got better in the second half. But it was not good enough to stay on the field until the end of the game.

Julian Alvarez – 5/10

Try to connect the midfield by reaching for the ball yourself. But was unable to coordinate with Haaland enough before being substituted.

Phil Foden – 6/10

Enthusiastic and trying to create opportunities for teammates Looks dangerous with the ball at your feet. But not decisive enough in the final moment. and was substituted as well

Bernardo Silva – 4/10

Sporadic performances were below par, conceding too many easy balls, as well as making poor decisions at times that put City under pressure.

Erling Haaland – 6/10

Should have had his name added to the score from 2 golden opportunities in the first half. That was City’s two shooting opportunities in this game.


Mateo Kovacic (in place of Lewis, 68′) – 5/10 –  Didn’t make any difference to the available midfield.

Matheus Nunes (replacing Alvarez, 68′) – 5/10 –  Worse than Kovacic because he makes easy decisions difficult.Oscar Bobb (replacing Foden, 73′) – 6/10 –  Speeds up the game when he is on the ball. He is the only reserve who can make some impact.