Manchester United 2-1 Chelsea: Issues after the Premier League game, “Red Devils” show excellent form Opening the Sing Blues Slaughter Theater

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Manchester United moved up to 6th place in the table, 3 points behind the top four, while Chelsea remained in 10th place.

Manchester United 2-1 Chelsea: Issues after the Premier League game, "Red Devils" show excellent form Opening the Sing Blues Slaughter Theater

1. ‘Dare to drop’ Rashford

Since the start of the 2023/24 season, Marcus Rashfford has been named in the Red Devils team for a total of 18 matches in all competitions, divided into starting 17 matches and being sent as a reserve for another match.

In the Premier League this season, Eric Ten Hag sent Rashford to play as the starter in every match. He started in the starting eleven in 13 of the 13 games he was named in the โปรโมชั่น ufabet team for.

It was the first time in the league this season that Marcus Rashfford was dropped because of a disappointing performance. and showed a bad attitude in the game against Newcastle last Saturday.

However, Eric ten Hag declined to be specific. ”It’s part of the player rotation. We played poorly as a team (against Newcastle). We can’t blame it individually.” Ten Hag explains why he decided to drop both Rashford and Anthony Mar. Kziyal

2. Sanchez has helped the Blues many times.

Robert Sanchez, the 26-year-old Spanish goalkeeper, managed to make a total of 7 saves in this game. Aspects of protection He stands great.

For Sanchez, he is the first Chelsea goalkeeper to save a penalty in the Premier League. Since May 2021 (Mendy vs Manchester City) But one thing that is a problem for him in this game is Using your feet to launch the ball

3. United’s correct attitude

Manchester United responded brilliantly. After making a disappointing performance in the league game that lost to Newcastle last Saturday.

There are also rumors that Eric ten Hag has lost 50 percent of his dressing room.

however What the Red Devils players expressed in this match was contrary to the rumors that were spread. They play with determination, lust, determination, attacking with a rapid tempo. Help each other chase the ball. Pressed well.

Halfway through the first half they had 11 turnovers.

In the first 45 minutes, they had a total of 18 shot opportunities, with 7 on target.

Throughout the game, the Red Devils pulled the trigger a total of 28 times in the 9th frame.

4. Chelsea have trouble dealing with Carnacho

Blues boss Mauricio Pochettino has placed Marc Cugureya at right-back to deal with Alejandro Carnacho.

In the beginning, it seemed that Cucurella couldn’t quite adapt to Carnacho’s rhythm. But after reaching the end of the first half He’s starting to pick up on the Argentine winger’s rhythm.

Starting in the second half, Pochettino decided to send Reece James in place of Cugureya because ”Poch” wanted more attacking action from the right-hand side and ordered Raheem Sterling to drop down to help defend. and stacked defensive games Because if you allow a one-on-one duel with Carnacho, it definitely won’t be a good thing.

However, even Poch tried to fix the problem at this point. But his team couldn’t handle Carnacho.

5. Warning signs

Alejandro Carnacho continues to earn the trust of Eric ten Hag. And he really did a great job.

He stood out, flashed, played with confidence, was diligent and determined, and was very good at creating embarrassment for his opponents. More importantly, he was the one who played the beautiful ball to Scott McTominay, who added in to head in the winning goal.

If measured from the current form compared to Rashfford who is also in the left wing position, at this moment Carnacho deserves to play as a starter for a long time.

As for Antoni, what he clearly showed in this match was diligence, determination, determination to play and 100 percent dedication to the team.

Carnacho is in good form, impressive and dedicated to the team.

Anthony has more diligent goals than Rashford, but what needs to be added is his scoring or assist production.

If these two continue to maintain this, the person who will be most affected will be Marcus Rashford.

This is a warning signal sent to ”Rachie”. Now it’s up to him how to respond because Ten Hag dares to drop you. Or if you look at it from another angle This is a good motivator.