Saudi Arabia appoints Mancini as new manager on four-year contract

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Roberto Mancini was unemployed for a short time. He came to accept the position of head coach of the Saudi national team. With a contract until 2027, he is expected to receive a salary of £20 million per year. It will replace Air V Renard, who moved to take charge of the French women’s team.

Saudi Arabia national team Announcing the appointment of Roberto Mancini, Macaroni Trainer. to officially assume the position of team manager On Sunday, August 27, with a 4-year contract or until 2027, it was reported that He will receive wages worth more than $ 25 million per year (£ 20 million), or approximately 878 million baht, after just 10 days of being unemployed.

Saudi Arabia appoints Mancini as new manager on four-year contract

The 58-year-old retired from Italy’s national team on Sunday, August 13, without revealing the reasons behind the decision. But after a while there were rumors that want to move to control the oil millionaire team before the latest confirmation. To take the job instead of Air V Renard, head coach of perfume people who traveled back to his hometown in March. To accept the job of coaching the French women’s national football team 

“I am honored to take up the position of manager of the Saudi national team,” said the former Manchester City and Inter Milan manager . “I believe this is a great opportunity for me to experience football in a new country. Especially with the increasing popularity of football in Asia. I firmly believe that The fascinating football culture of Saudi Arabia and the true quality of the players Saudi Arabia It’s a key ingredient to success.” 

Meanwhile, the Italian coach He also added that The presence of top players in the Saudi Pro League indicates the potential for growth in national football. Especially all the superstars, whether it’s Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese striker or the latest Neymar, the Brazilian star. And will help Saudi football players Learn about the world-class performance of these players. 

Mancini successfully guided the Azzurri to the 2020 European Championships. But the ทางเข้า ufabet team failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup finals last year in Qatar. Until receiving heavy pressure from the hometown media to resign from the position. But was encouraged by the president of the country’s federation to continue his duties. But in the end he unlocked the cork. Come to work with the Arab team instead.