The assistant coach praises the ‘Sailboat’ players as being extremely strong, striving to win at the end of the game.

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The interim coach of the Manchester City army raised the mental state of the team to be strong in a difficult game and not susceptible to constant attacks. Until coming back to beat Sheffield United in a narrow way 2-1

Juanma Lillo, assistant manager of Manchester City, has praised the mental strength of his players. Even though they were tied at the end of the ยูฟ่าเบท game But did not panic, returning to win over their rivals in the game, defeating Sheffield United 2-1 in the English Premier League at Bramall Lane on Sunday, August 27, resulting in the former champions three times in a row. Became the only team to start with a full nine points in the new season.

The assistant coach praises the 'Sailboat' players as being extremely strong, striving to win at the end of the game.

City are without Pep Guardiola, who is recovering from back surgery, with Liyo in charge. And they had a chance to take the lead from Erling Haaland ‘s penalty shootout, but hit the post. But the second half came to excuse the header to score the lead goal in the 63rd minute. However, Jaden Bogle came to shoot for the home team to equalize in the 85th minute. But three minutes later, Rodri came to score the winning goal. The team at the Etihad Stadium takes the lead. 

“We played very well. especially Considering that How tough is this game,” City’s assistant coach said after the game. “To get 30 goals is a lot. But not being able to finish the score make everything more difficult By state of mind This team has been preparing for 7 years and they are very impressive. It’s good to collect these points but it’s too early because the season has just started. This will be a very difficult battle this season.”

However, from the victory against the Blades army. Although Pep could only do so on a screen spectator in Spain, it is considered that he led the team to a record of winning 200 Premier League games, the fastest in the history of playing in charge of the team. It was 269 games, surpassing the previous record held by Portuguese boss Jose Mourinho of 326 in 2020, while the next home game against Fulham on Saturday September 2. bull coach Still resting for another game

For the first time since 2016, Manchester City opened the season with three successive league victories, signifying that winning the treble last season It did not diminish their thirst for success. And if this continues, they have a chance to make history again. By becoming the first team to win the Premier League four times in a row.